VIP Desert Safari Dubai

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VIP Desert Safari Dubai Packages

We offer 2 different types of VIP Desert Safari Tour.

vip desert safari package 1


  Pick & Drop by Land Cruiser
  VIP Table Service
  Pickup Time: 3:30 PM
250 AED One Person

vip desert safari package 2


  Pick & Drop by Land Cruiser
  VIP Table Service
  Pickup Time: 3:30 PM
250 AED One Person

Little About VIP Safari Tour

The VIP Desert Safari tour in Dubai is packed with luxurious experiences, however the this VIP Arabian Nights Fun is for those travelers who want to have fun celebrating their Dubai vacation with their families and close friends.

Private VIP Lounges that include Table Service for VIPs and Table Service in Royal Style makes it more amazing experience. It includes the VIP 4×4 Pick and Drop to a variety of other VIP Fun activities and entertainment, including VIP Buffet Dinner and the VIP BBQ Dinner and the world-renowned Live Entertainment in VIP.

Best VIP Desert Safari Dubai Inclusions

The package we offer includes various packages based on the highest quality, along with the most effective health and security measures.

✔  VIP 4×4 Pick & Drop From Your Home or Hotel
✔  VIP Sitting Place
✔  4WD Red Dune Bashing (up to 20 Mins)
✔  Dedicated VIP Service
✔  VIP Table Service, Waiter Service
✔  Sand-Boarding Dubai
✔  VIP Camel Riding (Camel is also known in the form of Desert Ship)
✔  Pictures in Traditional Arabian Costumes
✔  Unlimited Soft Drinks, Water, Tea, and Coffee
✔  Starter Dishes / Food
✔  VIP Buffet Dinner
✔  IP BBQ Dinner that includes non-vegetarian and vegetarian choices
✔  Henna Designing (known as Arabian Tattoos)
✔  Hublee Bublee Smoking (For Adults)
✔  A Belly Dancing Performance (2 performances)
✔  Tanoura Dance Show (an Egyptian folk dance)
✔  Fire Show
✔  Many additional Plus VIP Arabian Fun Adventure in the deserts between Dubai and Sharjah

Paid Items

The following items are not included in the package, if you require on the go then please contact our tour guides, available at the camp site.

✔  Alcohol Beverages
✔  Drinks at Bar Counter
✔  Birthday Announcements / Celebrations
✔  Long Camel RIding
✔  Horse Riding
✔  Quad Bike
✔  Dune Buggy
✔  Pictures with Eagles (Falcon)

Tour Info:

  • Tour Duration: 6 hours
  • Timing: 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM
  • Pick Up Time: 03:30 PM
  • Drop Off Time: 9:30 PM

Other Popular Tours:

Premium Desert Safari VIP With Live Cooking Stations

vip desert safari package 1
vip desert safari package 2
  • BBQ Buffet and Live Cooking Stations include…
    Starters include Punjabi Samosa Mini, Bread Zaatar, Shawarma, Spring Rolls and Falafel
  • Salad Bar includes Hummus, Green Salad, Fattoush, Macaroni and Russian Salad.
  • Assorted Live Cooked Bread in front of the guest
    Live Grill for Lamb Kebab, Chicken Leg, Ouzi, Shish Kebab and Fish Fry
  • Main Courses include Biryani Rice, Steamed Rice, Red Sauce Pasta, Veg Noddle’s, Camel Meat with Sauce, Dawood Basha, Sauteed Vegetables and Vegetable Curry
  • Desserts include Fresh Fruits, Baklava, Omali, Kanafeh, Rice Vermicelli Pudding

VIP Desert Safari Tour at a glance

Best VIP Trek Adventures

Enjoy Luxuries at Arabian VIP Safari

VIP Pick up by 4x4 SUVs

VIP tour includes Pick-up and drop-off. We will take you to your home in Dubai and Sharjah. You’ll travel elegantly on one of our SUVs 4×4 for the safari in the desert. Once you’re there in the desert, you will discover a myriad of thrilling and exclusive activities waiting for you.

VIP 4x4 Dune Bashing

The desert safari with a 40-minute dunes bashing session. Our experienced drivers are able to maneuver the 4×4 SUV through the rocky and shifting dunes of sand in desert.

Free Sunset Photography

After the dune blasting is over. We’ll guide you to a vast sandy bank on a hill, so that you can take in stunning sunrises or sunset behind the dunes made of sand. Additionally, you can take photos and capture the breathtaking beauty that is the desert.

Quad Bike Ride

If you’re looking to have more fun We provide Quad Biking Ride at an extra cost. Thus, we offer an individual quad biking program located in an oasis in the middle.

But, you can also play with your friends according to your preference. So sand boarding is yet another sport you can take part at no cost.

For exclusive VIP Quad Biking Specials, check out Quad Biking Dubai Tour

VIP Camel Ride Dubai & VIP Henna Painting

When the exciting section of the safari has ended the group is taken back to your camping area to rest and unwind. We also provide camel rides, henna-painting as well as photo shoots for women wearing traditional Arabian attire.

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Affordable VIP Desert Safari Dubai Tour Types

Adventure in the UAE’s Arabian region with golden sand dunes, comfortable camps, and a number of games and sports. You can take advantage of Emirates VIP Night Safari Deals in a variety of ways.
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VIP Morning Desert Safari

This package gives you the opportunity to experience Dubai’s desert’s morning sunrise over its beautiful sand dunes. In actuality, we provide two versions of the morning desert safari. It gives you the chance to see a stunning sunrise over the sand dunes. Around 7:30–8:00 a.m., the other morning desert safari experience starts.

VIP Evening Desert Safari Dubai

The evening desert safari begins at 3.30 p.m. and lasts approximately 8 hours. This adventure allows you to watch the sunset and participate in other exciting activities. This package also includes a dinner buffet as well as unlimited refreshments.

Hummer vs VIP Desert Safari

Our most popular package is the overnight desert safari. It’s a continuation of the evening desert safari. It allows you to spend a night under the stars on a desert safari. However, we provide all of the advantages of an evening desert safari. In addition, there are facilities to make your night comfortable. In addition, we provide you with a delicious dinner.

VIP Overnight Desert Safari

The Hummer package is available at any of the above times. The only difference is that you can experience dune bashing on a whole new level while riding in a Hummer.

VIP Desert Safari Dubai Gallery

Why Book with Desert Night Safari Tours?

UAE Desert Safari provides the best services, including the most comfortable and relaxed pick-up and drop-off service for your Desert Safari Dubai trip.

Our exclusive services are available not only to tourists but also to residents who enjoy desert safaris. Whether you are a first-time adventurer or an experienced traveller.

Our mission is to find the most amazing places and stunning landscapes of Dubai’s desert arenas for you to explore your love for natural deserts, especially during your tour in the Arabian desert.

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