Are you curious about the cost of a Desert Safari In Dubai when visiting the United Arab Emirates? Because we too have been to Dubai, we have chosen to create this piece in which we detail our experience on the trip (we have done it twice!) and highlight the most reasonably priced desert safari available in the city. Those interested should know that this is, without a doubt, a top-tier Dubai tour and Desert Safari.


Despite the fact that we’ve already established the fact that a desert safari in Dubai is among the top tours in Dubai, let’s begin this post by debating whether or not you should go on one.

We went to the United Arab Emirates twice, and saw all the major sights both times. The desert safari is the single most important thing you can Morning Desert Safari do in Dubai, in our opinion.

However, while Dubai is home to a wide variety of attractions, the city is most often thought of in terms of its towering buildings and opulent lifestyle. On the other hand, the desert safari introduces you to the Emirati landscape and culture.


In Dubai, a desert safari may be experienced on a variety of itineraries. Some tour groups spend the night in the desert, while others take you to see the dawn or sunset. Therefore, you may pick from a wide variety of possibilities. We went on the classic, most popular type of Dubai Desert Safari, so that’s the one we’ll be discussing today.

We’ll name it the “traditional safari desert,” and it lasts for a whole day, beginning in the early evening so that you may take in a desert sunset.

The journey begins at approximately 15 hours, when your guide will pick you up from your accommodation in a 4×4 and drive you to the desert. About an hour of travel time is required. You may grab a bite to eat, a cold drink, or perhaps a traditional Emirati scarf at a convenience store along the route. Some people may choose for Evening Desert Safari the quad tour, which lasts around 20 minutes and costs extra. Keep in mind that the 5-person capacity of the 4×4 vehicle. Those of you who are already in a relationship will most likely move on to a different clique.

About 16:30 is when you enter the desert and the adventure begins in earnest. The guide deflates the tyre a little so the car doesn’t get stuck in the sand, puts on some good music with the volume turned all the way up, tells the passengers to hang on tight, and then they begin driving up, down, and sideways on the dunes of the desert. Despite the rush of excitement, we’ve never felt in any real danger.

A photo stop is in order after a pleasant 40-minute ride in the desert. The guide will also give you a sandboard so Overnight Desert Safari Dubai you may ride down the dune. Next, we’ll go to a desert camping area designed in the grand nomadic tradition, where we’ll all hang out and get to know each other. You may take a quick camel ride outside the campground or watch the sun go down over the horizon from anywhere you choose. We did not include this section since we do not endorse this type of trip with animals.

As dusk settles over the desert, we all make our way to the campsite and have some free time before supper to do anything we choose, including trying on the men’s and women’s traditional dress of the United Arab Emirates. While Fernanda found donning the entire burca to be a chore, Tiago relished the opportunity to dress like a man in the complete men tunic. In Dune Buggy Ride addition, you may have your henna tattoo or smoke a shisha, among other activities.

A fantastic brunch will be available to all guests shortly after. It has a wide variety of grilled meats and other regional specialties from the United Arab Emirates. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the supper in the Dubai desert.

The cherry on top is a belly dancing performance with sword work during and after supper. As is customary, the sky is clear and brimming with stars. But that’s not the case with us. That particular day had a few clouds in the sky. As a matter of fact, the starry sky was nearly entirely absent. Leave a comment below to let us know if you get to see it on your trip.

The tour concludes at roughly 22 hours, at which point the guide will return you to your accommodation. Indulge on a thrilling desert safari in Dubai on your next visit.


Discounts on desert safaris are plentiful. Because of our cautious search, we found Ocean Air Travel to be the best option. We Quad Biking Dubai can’t speak highly enough about their service, which was top-notch.

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Keep in mind that you are in a Muslim country when deciding what to wear on your desert tour in Dubai. Wearing loose-fitting pants, a t-shirt, and your sneakers or flip-flops is the most comfortable option. However, if you opt for the latter, you should anticipate getting sand in your sneakers. Furthermore, seize:

  • sunglasses
  • a hat
  • sunscreen
  • something with a hood in case the desert night wind is chillier than expected.

    Water will be provided at all stops throughout the trip.