Desert Safari Dubai: An Offbeat Experience Like No Other One

The desert surrounding Dubai is a section of an undeveloped area with preserved old-world beauty. Actually, this unique region of the nation contributes significantly to the intriguing Emirates’ culture, legacy, and traditions. A desert safari is the best way to experience the endless beauty and serenity of the area. Continue reading to find out more about this off-road excursion that promises a welcome diversion from the modern Dubai’s stifling urban environment.

Types of desert safaris In Dubai

Morning Desert Safari

Who doesn’t adore the dawn? Additionally, they are mystical throughout the Middle East. This is one of the most energising ways to experience the captivating morning vistas of the desert and to have a tonne of fun and adventure (whether a dune-bashing ride, a journey on camelback, a quad-biking session, etc.). Take a Morning Desert Safari in Dubai at daybreak to observe the light strewn across the vast, rolling sand dunes up close.

Evening desert safari

The same activities as in the morning are included in evening desert safaris, along with a sumptuous barbecue meal cooked to perfection and cultural experiences like henna, falconry demonstrations, smoking sheesha (hookah), and traditional Emirati cultural acts (like Arabian belly dancers and Tanura dance performances). Naturally, you’ll be taking it all in Evening Desert Safari in Dubai while taking in the breathtaking desert scenery bathed in the orange, pink, and golden tones of the setting sun.

Overnight desert safari

Experience the majesty and glory of Dubai’s desert at night. Participate in a plethora of desert-themed activities, stuff yourself with a delectable supper, catch some traditional entertainment, and take in a soulful stay beneath the Overnight Dubai Desert Safari canopy of the Arabian desert sky. Most importantly, choosing this choice will allow you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the sun setting and rising over the desert.

Dinner in the desert

This option is for you if you want to enjoy the desert’s unadulterated beauty without participating in the Dinner Cruise In Dubai terrifying adventure activities included in a typical desert safari. This enables you to partake in a flurry of activities that invoke the area’s long-standing Bedouin culture and traditions in addition to enjoying a sumptuous barbeque dinner in the middle of the desert.

Red dune safari

Would you like to go on a unique desert safari in Dubai? Take a red dune safari to reach the scorched red dunes of the Lahbab region, which are deep in the desert. It is abounding with unique natural beauty. The entire environment has the impression of a vivid artwork coming to life.

What happens on an ordinary desert safari?

A desert safari is a fantastic combination of exhilarating adventure pursuits, real cultural encounters, and mouthwatering culinary delights. You may count on having the following included in your eagerly anticipated desert excursion, depending on your choice of desert safari.

Dune bashing

The most thrilling element of a desert safari is this. On board a strong 44 vehicle like a Hummer or Land Cruiser, you will traverse the ungroomed dunes routes. This drive will send you racing across the golden dunes at amazing speeds, giving you an adrenaline boost. A 45-minute dune-bashing session is usual. Be aware that dune sunbathing can also make you queasy and anxious, so get ready for a rough trip!

Camel rides

Climb onto a camel and ride across the sand dunes for another chance to take in the desert’s natural beauty. You may experience how early settlers and old Bedouins travelled over the Arabian Desert by taking this shaky yet thrilling trip.

Quad biking and sandboarding

If you’re seeking for even more exhilarating methods to quad biking Dubai explore Dubai’s desert, you can choose to ride a quad bike across the solitary dunes, which is even ideal for beginners and first-timers. Just make sure you’re older than 16 and don’t have any conditions that might prevent you from participating in this challenging sport.

You might also use a sandboard. Try to maintain your balance while gliding over the enormous sand dunes as you test your balance. You only need to secure your feet into a solid sandboard for this, then let the sands lead you downward.

Visit a Bedouin camp

In a casual atmosphere with low-lying chairs, unwind and enjoy the typical Emirati hospitality and welcome. You could find yourself lounging around for a while as you finish your filling BBQ feast because it is so comfortable.

Cultural experiences

A multitude of cultural encounters are waiting for you at the camp on every desert safari! The list is fairly long and interesting, providing a window into the lengthy Bedouin history. It includes everything from henna tattoos and shisha smoking to falconry and pictures taken in traditional Arabian dress.

Traditional barbecue dinner

Be ready for a feast when going on an evening or overnight desert safari. What is on your dinner menu, though, depends on how good your service provider is. But whatever you’re given will definitely fill you full!

Local entertainment

An evening desert safari is made more vibrant by extreme fire shows, amazing belly dance performances, and dizzyingly intricate Tanura shows. Make careful to take it all in while relaxing. They’re a lot of fun!

Camping in the desert

Any nighttime excursion in the desert must end here! Tents, sleeping bags, and pillows are all provided, as well as limitless drinks. Your job is to enjoy sleeping outside and camping under a starry sky. Not to add, if you have the time, this is a renowned experience that you shouldn’t pass up.

How to choose a desert safari? 

  • Take into account your budget, what’s included, and the time of day you’d want to see the desert before making a reservation for a desert safari.
  • If you’re pressed for time, choose a morning safari. Returning guests and adventure seekers, however, should opt for an evening or overnight desert safari.
  • Be aware that the cost of desert safaris varies. The adventurous activities included in the safari, the vehicle you choose, and additional services like shared or private transfers to and from the desert all go into the prices you pay.
  • Finally, while selecting a service provider for your anxiously awaited desert adventure, be wary. I favour Platinum Heritage Tours and Rayna Tours for organizing inexpensive, expertly handled desert excursions.

Best desert safari tips 

  • Plan your safari ahead of time. Don’t forget to search online for specific discount offers.
  • Ask what is included (and specifically what is excluded) before purchasing a desert safari package.
  • Select a guided desert safari that includes round-way transports to ensure that you can relax and enjoy the excursion.
  • Don loose-fitting, comfy attire. Ensure that you have a shawl or other covering for your shoulders. Put on a hat, some stylish sunglasses, and a pair of comfortable sneakers to round off your ensemble.
  • If you intend to travel during the winter, layer your clothing. The nights can be very cool!
  • If you need both vegetarian and nonvegetarian options, check if that is offered at the restaurant.