Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

As the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi City Tour is quickly becoming a global icon. Abu Dhabi is home to a wide variety of tourist hotspots, such as the world’s biggest indoor climbing wall, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Ferrari World theme park, and Yas Island. The Empty Quarter Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is a must-do if you want to see the world’s biggest desert.

The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is a thrilling and entertaining 6–7-hour experience. Nomadic Arabs used to travel over the dunes of Abu Dhabi. You may go horseback riding, camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, get your face painted with henna, or get a tattoo, among many other exciting options.

Not only can you sip kehwa while watching a variety of dancing acts, but you can also see a fire display, a Tanura dance, a belly dance performance, and more. Further, if you use a travel agency, you’ll have the option of receiving transportation to and from your hotel.

Abu Dhabi has all you need to have a memorable trip, including great Arabic BBQ and supper buffets. Remember to reserve your Abu Dhabi desert safari tickets before your trip.

What does this price include exactly?

To begin, you may tailor your safari experience by picking from a variety of available packages. You have the option of going on a Desert Safari in the morning, the evening, or even staying out for the night. Each one of them is endowed with endearing qualities.

On a morning safari, you may watch the sun rise over the horizon and get some stunning images of the scene. The nighttime safari offers a chance to see the desert at twilight, experience its darker side, and take part in a variety of live performances.

After a delicious buffet meal, the Abu Dhabi desert safari’s nighttime camping experience awaits. Hang out with your family and friends while stargazing in the desert. First, let’s take a closer look at what Desert Safari Abu Dhabi actually offers.

Drop Off and Pick Up

This feature is included in both the standard and premium plans for the comfort of its users. Your hotel will arrange for a pick-up and drop-off at the designated time and place. The skilled drivers and their 4×4 land cruisers are at your disposal for your safari adventure.

Scoping out the Sand Dunes

Once you reach your campground, hop into one of the 4×4 SUVs and go dune bashing for fun. Dune driving is a wonderful experience. Hold your Desert Safari In Dubai Price breath and buckle up as you experience the thrill of dune riding. Don’t worry; protective gear is on the way. Pictures may be captured as well.

Riding a Camel

As part of the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi experience, you may ride camels while dressed in traditional Arabian garb. Also included in the deal is a falconry demonstration.

Large, towering dunes provide for excellent surfing conditions. Sandboarding is a fun activity for people of all ages. In the designated ski zone, the sport is legal. Even if you aren’t an expert, you may feel comfortable since the board will have straps to keep your feet in place.

Drinks & refreshments unlimited

After experiencing adventures, ride on the sand of the Arabian Peninsula to quench your thirst and hunger. The Bedouin camp will serve tea, coffee, soft drinks, mineral water, and snacks as you settle in.

Quad Biking

Off-road Quad Bike Safari would also be there, which is an additional bundle of thrill. You can hurl yourself through the dunes on the ATV with all the safety gears and be the winner of your own race.

Henna Designing & Tattoos

The package includes the opportunity to experience Henna and Tattoo designing by professionals. The designs look beautiful and are ideal for women.

Live Entertainment Shows

How familiar are you with professional musical performances? No? Enjoy a romantic dinner buffet and kehwa with your special someone while watching a fire display and traditional belly dancing at the Abu Dhabi desert safari.

Dinner Buffet

The tasty BBQ buffet supper is being served as the band plays. A Dinner Cruise In Dubai extensive menu of authentic Arabic cuisine will be available. In addition to the outside Live Barbecue, the camp also has a vegetarian cuisine setup with a selection of desserts and salads.

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If you ever find yourself in Abu Dhabi, whether it’s once a year or once in a lifetime, I highly recommend going on a desert safari and making the most of the exciting activities, thrilling rides, and great food. You’ll have a wonderful time, and feel safe, secure, at peace, and comfortable. Don’t worry about it; purchase your tickets right away.